Ice Dye Kit | At-Home Tie Dye Kit


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This ICE DYE KIT includes most of what you need to complete several ice dyed projects. Ice dyeing is a dyeing technique that involves sprinkling powdered dye over ice to create a prismatic, watercolor effect on fabric. The color combinations have been carefully curated to help you discover the magic of ice dyeing!

* detailed instructions
* 1 bandana (approx 27x27)
* soda ash (enough for bandana + more projects)
* powdered dye (enough to do more than 1 project)
* rubber bands
* wooden spoons

Supplies needed: 2 cups of warm water, Ice, container for soda ash solution, something to dye on (more details included)

Adult supervision is required for children completing this project.

No returns accepted on kits but please contact me if you have an issue with your order.